Monday, June 1, 2009

Monroe Co.- Naturalization Records

The county of Monroe is unique, because they had many gaps in recording the Naturalization records in the county. Records are stored in two separate locations. They are the Common Pleas Court and the archives in Lansing.

The records at the county level are located at the Common Please court in Monroe. Dates are sporadic on their coverage. Here are the dates from the archives and they will be the same at the courthouse. 1849-1929. Be sure to check ahead prior to looking for your records to make sure your relative falls within these dates. Another place to check would be the neighboring counties and Toledo. They have no letters of intent.

Searching for these types of records in Monroe Co will be a challenge. Have a great day.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jackson Co. MI- Library

The Minter VanOrman Room at the Carnegie Branch houses the library's Genealogy and Jackson Local History collections. The materials in these collections are available to the public during normal Carnegie Branch hours.

All materials in the Minter VanOrman Room are restricted to library use only. Staff members and volunteers are happy to assist the public as time permits.

Inquiries are accepted in person, by telephone (517-788-4087), in writing, or by E-mail.

Research questions from outside Jackson County Michigan must be sent in writing or by E-mail.

I will be back with you again on Monday.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monroe Co.- Obituaries

The best place to look for obits in this county is at the public library in Brighton. They have a extensive collection of newspapers in the county.

Remember before tracing obits you need to know when a particular person died. From that date work forward for sometimes as many days as a week to check for a obit. Most obits are not the best on information on our ancestors, but must be located. Pay special attention to names mentioned in the article, because they will often provide clues later in your search on relationships and ancestry. Always make copies of the obits when available. Be sure to note name of the Newspaper, date and page. This will help in your proof and verification.

Bedford Courier
January 1967-August 1969; January 1972-June 27, 1978

Bedford Focus/Bedford Press
November 1985-October 1986

Bedford Journal
November 24, 1980-December 28, 1982

Bedford Press
May 5, 1985; February 24, 1986-December 25, 1989

Carleton Messenger
April 10, 1925-December 7, 1928; February 22, 1929; March 3, 1929; February 2, 1939-July 15, 1939; November 23, 1944; May 15, 1952; 1958 (not October 9); 1960 (not January 7); 1961-March 10, 1983

Carleton Times
June 5, 1876; January 18, 1897-December 27, 1901; September 23, 1904; October 18, 1907; June 9, 1911; May 10, 1912; October 12, 1917; July 26, 1918; October 12, 1919; October 24, 1919; December 5, 1919

Courier Herald
July 4, 1978-October 18, 1979

Courier Monroe Adventure
December 17, 1968-June 27, 1978

Deerfield Times Journal
January 24, 1919-October 22, 1920

Detroit News

Dundee Area Independent

Dundee Enterprise
March 18, 1876

Dundee Post Cresent
September 24, 1924-December 31, 1924

Dundee Reporter
September 3, 1964; October 22, 1964; June 24, 1965; July 22, 1965; February 25, 1982; April 8, 1982-September 9, 1982; October 14, 1982; October 21, 1982; Novmeber 11, 1982-December 20, 1982; January 6, 1983-January 29, 1987; May 14, 1987-February 23, 1989

Independent (Dundee Area Independent)

September 24, 1878; March 5, 1878

Journal Herald
September 18, 1979-April 23, 1985

Michigan Sentinel
January 4, 1824-July 16, 1836

Milan Area Leader
January 9, 1991; May 22, 1991; November 27, 1991; August 5, 1992; December 30, 1992; January 20, 1993; February 10, 1993; July 14, 1993; August 11, 1993; August 25, 1993+

Monroe Advocate
1841-1845; January 28, 1847

Monroe Bulletin
July 5, 1911-January 30, 1915

Monroe Commercial
June 30, 1853-November 22, 1860; Novmeber 28, 1861-Novmeber 21, 1867; January 7, 1869-April 30, 1880

Monroe Commercial and South Michigan Advocate
May 10, 1849

Monroe County Weekly
December 14, 1908-June 20, 1935; March 27, 1941-August 17, 1950

Monroe Democrat
March 17, 1880-December 2, 1910; January 17, 1913-March 13, 1914

Monroe Evening News
January 2, 1918+

Monroe Gazette
September 2, 1837-August 31, 1841; September 7, 1841; September 18, 1841

Monroe Guardian
March 1987-September 2003

Monroe Index
September 21, 1881

Monroe Journal and Michigan Inquirer
August 7, 1834; November 13, 1834

Monroe Monitor
May 28, 1862-May 16, 1866; July 21, 1875; March 15, 1876; July 5, 1876

Monroe National Press
January 1, 1859; June 29, 1859; January 4, 1860

Monroe News Courier
May 20, 1915-December 31, 1918

Monroe Record
May 31, 1900-April 14, 1904

Monroe Record Commercial
May 21, 1904-December 27, 1906; June 6, 1907-May 28, 1908; June 1909-May 1910

Monroe Times
July 28, 1836-July 20, 1837; April 26, 1838

New Milan News
October 9, 1985-December 18, 1985; March 12, 1986

New York Times

Petersburg Bulletin
May 1, 1880-April 23, 1881; April 29, 1882-December 31, 1882

Petersburg Sun
October 1891-December 31, 1897; 1906; March 8, 1963, May 10, 1963; June 14, 1963; June 21, 1963,; November 4, 1963-December 24, 1963; January 3, 1964-June 19, 1964; September 4, 1964-October 23, 1964: January 8, 1965-October 22, 1965; January 21, 1966-December 30, 1966; January 6, 1967-June 9, 1967; November 3, 1967-November 17, 1967; May 18, 1968; June 6, 1969; January 3, 1970-December 27, 1970; March 4, 1982-May 11, 1989

The Pulse
December 30, 1982-January 5, 1984

Suburban Review
November 30, 1971-January 4, 1972

Weekly Times
May 30, 1985; August 15, 1985-February 26, 1987

Tomorrow we will cover another library in the area.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monroe County-Death Records

Death records are important to confirm facts about our ancestors and their relationships. Records in Monroe county are at the courthouse in Monroe.

The County Clerk records include those deaths in the county from 1867 to present. All certified records can be obtained at these two locations. Be sure to have the date narrowed down to the day or at least the year. Please be patient with the these folks as it takes time to retrieve the records.

Remember the information in a death records is only as good as the person giving the information. Be sure to confirm the information with other source records. Many times maiden names of mothers, spelling and place of birth have errors. Be certain to confirm this information.

I will be discussing the wills in Monroe County. Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monroe Co.- Marriage Records

When it comes to birth records in Monroe Co., MI you have two places to locate them depending on the time period that you are looking for the person. They are the Monroe County courthouse in Monroe and the state library in Lansing.

Birth records at the courthouse run from 1874 to present. This is where you would be able to get certified copies for this time period. As with all places of this type be patient with the staff and allow for some time with your search.

The Michigan vital records start for births in 1867. I do not believe that this applies to Monroe Co. births since state records normally reflect what is on hand at the county level.

Birth records give you excellent first hand information on time and place of birth. This is also the best source for parentage. Always make copies of these records for proof and verification.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adrian Public Library- Lenawee Co., MI

When researching ancestors in Lenawee County you must do some of your research at the main library in Adrian. They hold a variety of sources that include.

Lenawee County Index to Births and Deaths (late 1860's - 1979)
Gravestone Records of Lenawee County, by Harriet Cole Bowen. (compiled 1940's)
Michigan Pioneer and Historical Collection (40 volumes)
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies in the War of the Rebellion (128 volumes)
Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War, 1861-65 (46 volumes)

Federal Census, 1830 - 1930
State Census, 1845, 1884, 1894
Adrian Newspapers (published under a variety of titles), 1850-current

So when you are ready to go make sure you plan out what you need to research and have a plan. The librarians are anxious to help you.

I will be away from my computer for the next three days. Back posting on Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monroe Co.- History

Monroe county was created on May 14,1817 and named after James Monroe who was going to visit the area. The city is located along the western edge of Lake Erie. Toledo was originally part of this county was ceded as a result of the Toledo War in 1835. Early inhabitants to this area were primarily of French descent. The primary migration route was through Canada where people would come from Detroit to the north or across Lake Erie. The Black Swamp in Northwest Ohio limited migration into this area from the south until the 1830's.

Genalogical research

What was it that first got you doing your genealogical research? In my case it started over thirty years ago. Was in my teens at the time and was very curious about where my family came from. My interest in history grew out of this and my eventually getting into speaking, researching for others and blogging on the topic. Please send me your stories.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Back

Don't think to many folks check this blog out much, but I guess I will just write for myself and hope that people are able to come back to the site. I will resume covering the various records that are available for the various counties. If you have ideas on topics that you would like to see covered please do not hesitate to contact me.