Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Continuning the family interview

When and where did you meet your wife/husband?  How did your meeting come about?  Was she/he your first love?  Can you describe the proposal, the wedding ceremony, the honeymoon? 

The stories that make genealogy interesting are those that brings our relatives lives alive.  These are not normally going to be found in a book or online.  They come from the memories of our relative both oral and those that have been documented.

Learning the events that led up to our parents marriage adds the important parts to our genealogy.  Getting the specifics of where they met.  How long the courtship lasted and such always provide interesting stories.  Learning of previous loves is always a interesting feature of the family interview.  

Then finally all the dealing with the wedding.  Who was in the wedding? Who attended?  What church were you married in?  Did you have a reception?  For future generations this is genealogy gold.  This is why we do the research we do.  We want to learn about our families lives.  Through understanding them our own lives start to make more sense.