Friday, May 18, 2012

House History

So take some time and look at your home.  Do you live in a old home?  Are your curious about the families that have lived there before?  A excellent idea is to check out the purchase history of your home since it was built.  Researching your home and the families that lived there will give you a deeper appreciation of what you have.  Many changes happen to a home over it's life.  Changes occur architecturally as well as the families that live there.

Many homes that we live in today were built before electricity and in some cases indoor plumbing.  The many changes that the families had to go through in the life of our house.  Can you imagine not have lighting?  Yes life did exist before air conditioning.  Many changes have taken place over the past two hundred years.

Researching the sales transactions of a home can be a fascinating process.  Included with this is researching the families that lived in the home prior to you.  What did they do for a living?  What did they do later in life?  What events occurred during their time of living in your home?  The history that has gone on before may surprise you.

arch the homes that our ancestors lived in.  Do they still stand?  What is unique about the homes architecture?  What neighborhood did they live in?  Did they live in the country?  All interesting elements that paint a more complete picture of our ancestors lives.