Sunday, June 17, 2012

Free Genealogy Websites

Thought you might be interested in trying some free websites.  Let me know your results.

    1. One of the largest family tree based genealogy based sites on the internet.
      Allows for updating and correcting information.
      Proceed with caution and check all data.
      Data base contains over 3 billion names and 300,000 family trees.
      You can also submit your family information for free.
    1. This is the official website of the LDS
      Provides the largest collection of free records in the world.
      Has excellent image quality and interesting ways to access the information.
      Provides a wide variety of records that cover the world and are in English.
      Will be the portal on the internet to access the complete collection of the LDS in ten years.
    1. More than two million land records between 1820 to 1908.
      Includes most of the midwest.
    1. Has over 5,000 listing from across the world.
    1. Similar to USGenWeb but it covers the rest of the world.
    1. Includes WW1, census, dominion land grants, immigration records.  
    1. List of bios on regular folks.
    1. Dates back to 1995
      Lists over 2,500 obits daily
      This is a index.
    1. Lots of free record listing pertaining to specific geography in the US
    1. 64 million citizens that have died since 1962.