Monday, August 6, 2012

Awesome weekend in Michigan

Had a very short weekend to enjoy Michigan again. Took a Gulf Oil trip that was produced in the 1950's from my home in Ohio up into the western half of Michigan. Saw some excellent sites. Started off the weekend on Friday night by visiting Jackson via Adrain. Took a tour of the Adrian college campus. Wow has it grown since I last visited. The sports facilities have expanded tremendously. Traveled to Jackson through the Irish hills what a view. Passed MIS and was glad that it was not next weekend when they are having the race. Got to Jackson to see the Cascades, but first took part in the Cancer walk that was in the park. What a great way to continue to honor my wife's battle with cancer. Beautiful night and the lights of the Cascades were awesome. Amazing sight and interesting history on the building of these man made falls. The next day we moved through Albion, Marshall, Battle Creek and Kalamzoo. Albion was having a lot of garage sales on the main street. Did a lot of looking, but not much buying. Checked out the college here. Another gem. Moved on traveling west on Michigan Avenue towards Marshall. The town has to have one of the most beautiful downtown's around. Love the statue in the center of town. Yes, they still make cereal in Battle Creek both Post and Kellogs. Moved on to Kalamazoo to see Western Michigan. Hope my Rockets can show them a thing or to this fall. Traveled up 131 towards Allegan and did some antiquing again. Son was able to find some vintage vinyl. He thinks it's cool just makes me old. In Holland was able to visit the Art festival they were having in the park downtown. Always love seeing peoples ideas for Art. My wife enjoys getting ideas for her winter creations. On to Sauguatuck. Needless to say Sauguatuck on a weekend in August was very busy. Unfortunately I was unable to find a parking spot, but was able to show the family where I stayed last fall while writing. Going to bring them back later in the season. Went over to Douglas that was having a old style baseball game at the field downtown. Was neat to see and really was a throw back to yesteryear. Moved further down 31 to Benton Harbor. Oh my what a view of Lake Michigan in the town of South Haven and then Benton Harbor. I think half of Chicago moves up here on weekends. Some lovely shops and nice places to eat. The storm that came in off the lake was awesome. The rain that came down was very much needed by the fruit growers in the surrounding region. Needless to say we had a great weekend. Was good to get away from the history research for a little while. Helps to recharge the batteries and get back on track.