Monday, July 21, 2014

Educating yourself to break down the Brick Walls- 2

This will be my second installment of using learning to break down your Brick Walls that you face in your genealogy research. Another great way to learn and educate yourself on problems you are having with your genealogy is online seminars. Many venues for this type of thing are offered.

Two that I have participated in are put on by Ancestry and Legacy. Go to either one of these websites for times and schedule of upcoming programs. The advantage to this type of format is that you can ask questions either during the presentation or upon completion. I have been in some of these programs and there has been hundreds of people. This allows you to learn from the speaker and the participants in the presentation.

Many genealogy groups are starting to offer online presentations. APG, Southern California Genealogical Society and Rootstech are just a few that come to mind. Watching live is not only exciting, but very informational.

As always please comment with thoughts and ideas. Tomorrow I will write about attending area genealogical meetings and their benefits.