Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New beginning

Well it has been a big transition over the last thirteen months. Genealogy has given me joys and many challenges.

Work part has been slow at best. Except for one very large research project. Continuing to learn how to attract new clients has been a give and take. I continue to use Social as a large component. My website does better at attracting spam than it does clients. Will need to continue to work on this part of my business.

Speaking has been good, but will always be a small part of my mission. Continue to speak in both Michigan and Ohio for various genealogy groups. My teaching has screeched to a halt due to lack of interest. I will not be teaching coming up here in the fall.

As I move forward need to evaluate my direction and make changes. Starting my blog back up is part of my rethinking.

As always love to hear your comments.