Friday, August 1, 2014

Educating yourself to break down the Brick Walls- 4 Blogs

It is rather ironic that I am writing about blogs being helpful in breaking down your brick walls when this is a blog. Many prove to be helpful sources for your genealogy search.

Blogs tend to be very subjected oriented and there are many of them. There are thousands of them and more are being added every day. Another beauty about blogs is that you can subscribe to them and get the updates sent to your email. try some for a time and don't be afraid to unsubscribe or your email can become full very quickly.

Here are some spots to check for blogs that will be helpful in your genealogy research.

Genealogy Blog Finder-

Cyndi's list-


This should give you enough to read for a while. Look for ones that address the challenge you have with your research. Pay special attention to the value get from the comments. Just like anything there are good and bad. Don't be afraid to try several. You can always unsubscribe.

As always please leave your comments. I am always welcome to comments and on new subjects that you would like to see covered.