Friday, August 8, 2014

Family Search Michigan Collection

I am sure by now if you have read my posts you are aware of how much I like the Family Search Website. The records are fantastic and they are constantly being updated. They maintain the largest collection of genealogy information in the world.

You have probably used the standard search feature to do your research, but are you aware there are additional Collections that are not included into the standard search feature. It covers the world, but I am going to speak on what is available for the State of Michigan.

Currently on Family Search there are 21 collections that deal specifically with the State of Michigan. Make sure when you go to the search section that you click on the Collections tab. Once you get there you find a list of all the projects that have been done or being done by Family Search and their indexers. On the left side of the page you will see a list of regions in the world. Click on the United States. Then click on the state of Michigan. You will be on a page with the projects that have been done or are being done for the State of Michigan.

All the Michigan collections that have been completed are listed with total number of records and the last date that the collection was updated. The status of these collections can change due to more records being available for indexing. The second type of collection is one that is being actively indexed at this time and is not complete. In the records row it will say Browse Images and the last date that this collection has been updated. The collections that have a records total are searchable and will be in the regular search feature. The collections that list Browse Images has to be researched manually. This type of search is similar to what you would have to do in person except you are in your pajamas and it's two in the morning in the comfort of you own home.

The following collections I will highlight due to their importance to Southeast Michigan research.

Detroit, Manifests Arrivals at the Port of Detroit, 1906-1954- Great way to check for those ancestors crossing the border.

Eastern District Naturalization Index- 1907-1995- Give you a list with names and records to search for. Popular time to becoming to Detroit to work in the Auto Industry

Please post your ideas and thoughts.