Friday, January 2, 2015

Plans for 2015

Still having a hard time thinking it is 2015. Planning on have having many things continue from 2014 and start up some new things moving forward.

The first thing that I will be continuing is taking on new projects with clients. With some of my changes and the completion of the Wanzek project I will have more time to do this. Love helping others put the pieces of their family puzzles together.

I will continue to participate heavily in Social Media in the Genealogy world. It will continue to grow as time goes by and I plan on being a part of it. Would like to do some Webinars coming up this year. Will be doing one in May for the Florida Genealogical Society. Looking forward to it.

Continue to do speaking at various locations. Enjoy this a great deal and I learn a lot as well from the folks in the audience.

This year I am also going to be putting together some help guides on doing your research. It will cover a variety of subjects. The blogs will also be included more regularly in my daily work.

Continue to expand my work with the Social Workers to identify families. This has been very rewarding.

Finally I will start teaching again at some point here in the Toledo area. Have had three people respond to my post. If you would like to contact me directly on this I can be reached at

Look forward to hearing from you and again Happy New Year.