Sunday, February 3, 2008

Genealogy Program- Mt Clemens, MI

For all folks in Southeast Michigan I thought this might be a wonderful oppourtunity
to expand your genealogical understanding.

There will be a Book Fair on Saturday, February 9th from 10 am - 4pm at the
Mount Clemens Public Library featuring a variety of talks and workshops on
different subjects. The schedule, details and registration form is online

The sessions on genealogy (all free) include:

10:05-11:45 "The Roots of Your Family Tree: Learn How to Dig" Ann
Faulkner and Lisa Eschenburg of the Macomb County Genealogy Group (MCGG)
will present a Beginner's Workshop on how to Trace Your Family Tree. An
overview on how to find, record, prove, and organize your information using
both traditional and computerized methods, will be discussed. Assisted by
other members of the MCGG, we will then divide up into small groups to
answer your questions and discuss your individual research. It would be
helpful if you brought any photocopies of family documents that you might
have, for this phase of the workshop. Handouts will be available.

1:15-2:45 "Putting Flesh on the Bones of Your Ancestors" with Bob Bauer.
How to write up the lives and stories of your ancestors to make them come
alive to their descendants.

3:00-4:00 "Genealogy and Local History Roundtable."

Have a great Sunday.