Friday, February 8, 2008

Livingston Co., MI- Naturalization Records

When researching naturalization records in Livingston County you have two excellent places to find the records. The first is at the probate court in Howell and the second is a book published on the topic that is located at the local Howell library.

Naturalization records offer us clues to the potential origin of our ancestors. The document indicate the person nationality, ship, time arrival, location at time of application and port of arrival. In my searches it has been very rare to find the information necessary to pinpoint exact locations of origin, but they do exist.

The book of interest at the library on the topic is

Charboneau, Milton, Naturalization Records, Livingston County Michigan, (Howell, MI, Livingston County Genealogical Society, 1991, No film) This covers court records from 1847- 1851 and indexes from 1859 to 1957.

The actual documents can be found at the courthouse in the Probate Court. The book will help you in narrowing down your search.

Get out there and support your local genealogical groups they are doing wonderful work at preserving our historical past. Have a great weekend.