Thursday, February 14, 2008

Livingston County, MI- Obits

The best place to look for obits in this county is at the public library in Brighton. They have a extensive collection of newspapers in the county.

Remember before tracing obits you need to know when a particular person died. From that date work forward for sometimes as many days as a week to check for a obit. Most obits are not the best on information on our ancestors, but must be located. Pay special attention to names mentioned in the article, because they will often provide clues later in your search on relationships and ancestry. Always make copies of the obits when available. Be sure to note name of the Newspaper, date and page. This will help in your proof and verification.

The records are as follows.

Brighton Argus - microfilm
1880 - 1883 April - December
1895 - 1896 December - November
1900 - 1939 January - December
1965 January - December
1968 January - December
1970 - 2000 January - September
Livingston County Daily Press and Argus - microfilm
2000 September - Current

Tomorrow I will profile the Brighton library. Have a great day.